Sony MDRZX100W

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Sony MDRZX100W Review:

These fashionable headphones are available in white or black so depending on your personal preferences you can choose which style suits you, the 30mm driver unit delivers a really deep sound even at very high volumes.

The sound quality is really great considering the price tag but anyone who is heavily into music may notice the quality difference compared to more expensive headphones but for those who only want to listen to some tracks in the gym or when sat at the computer these are perfect.

The weight is also not a problem, these are super light and come with a nice comfy head band at the top so you can wear them for many hours without it being an issue, I use these headphones when sat at my computer and when I listen to long youtube playlists.

The design is really something I must discuss, the design on the MDRZX100W rivals just about any design I have seen include some headphones from the professional end, they are really nice to look at and they look really expensive even though they are super affordable.

In summary for the price tag you really can’t go wrong with these headphones, they are stylish, cheap and the sound quality is not to bad considering the other aspects, they are comfy to wear for long amounts of time and also come with padded sides so they don’t irritate your head.

Ideal for:

tick Listening to music when doing your exercise.

tickPerfect headphones for joggers.

tickComfortable headphones when watching a DVD or Bluray on your computer.

tickStylish headphones for your MP3 player when you’re doing normal daily activities.

tickPeople who want a decent set of headphones but don’t have a large budget.



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